Practice Groups

Practice Group Requirements

2017-2018 Short Course Season

Below are general requirements for placement in the different practice groups.  However, a number of factors play into group assignments beyond those listed below.  Ultimately, practice group assignments are the responsibility of the coaching staff and will be made with the best interests of the swimmers in mind.  Please refer to the policy section of the team website for more information.




  • Swimmers in the group are expected to be toilet trained
  • No minimum age requirement or skill requirement




  • 25 yards of freestyle with effective side breathing
  • 25 yards of backstroke
  • 1:00 treading water




  • Demonstrated ability to swim all four competitive strokes legally
  • Proficiency in the starts, turns, pullouts, and kickouts of the four competitive strokes
  • Preferably achieved an IM Ready score from USA Swimming
  • Demonstrated ability to follow instructions




  • Athletes are at or beyond the stage of peak height velocity in their physiological development